Grand Wizard of Imus : Ding Dong McGuirk Is Done

Bernard 'Bernie' McGuirk was fired by WFAN Radio for his part in the Imus 'nappy headed ho' scandal.  Actually, McGuirk initiated the distasteful banter and baited Don Imus

I shouldn't be surprised that previous posts here about Bernard "Bernie" McGuirk, producer and sidekick on Don Imus's infamous talk show, continue to interest a great number of new readers in checking out the South Side Star. People aren't really Google-ing "Don Imus" much any more: Finding more info on "Bernie McGuirk" seems all the rage, on par even with those seeking information about "Cho."

As I've previously opined here, Bernie's inappropriate quips on Imus In the Morning were, by far, more mean-spirited and bigoted than Don's ever were. And so his long over-due day finally has come: BERNIE McGUIRK WAS FIRED by WFAN radio on Thursday for his part in the racially-charged banter...


Bernard 'Bernie' McGuirk defiles even Cardinal Egan; he's an equal opportunity hater who seems mad at any and everybodySo hide your "white sheets," boys and girls. Be afraid that McGuirkkk's next "gig" may not be televised and monitorable. And if you happen to be among the Rutgers basketball players who've received death threats, please note that even on college campuses, terrible things can happen. Particularly at the hands of unhinged strangers who may somehow view you as responsible for ruining their lives. As it's been said many times during this tragic week in U.S. history: You just never know...

Virginia Tech shooting spree victimVirginia Tech massacre leaves families and a nation in tears
Rising star Ryan Clark was tragically one of the first of two victims murdered by Cho at Virinia Tech

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Levois said...

Death threats over a radio dj is just crazy whether directed at Jesse Jackson or the beautiful ladies on the Rutger basketball team. Yeah it's true that there are some crazies out there, but there are also some idiots. I think it's very likely that what we're dealing with are idiots more than the crazies like the one at VA Tech.

kweenkong said...

Levois, I'm not sure you should trust either one. If you look up the definition of 'idiot,' it doesn't say they are harmless.

Vanessa said...

I am so loving your blog. You are on point!

~ V


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