Grindhouse, Tourettes Guy, Pope Benedict, Jazz DVDs

Like Audrey Hepburn in one of favorite movies, That's Entertainment, I'm jumping for joy about the YouTube video, book by the Pope and jazz DVDs I've discoveredWhat am I diggin', Daddy-O? : Cool Clay Cane's juicy review of Quentin Tarantino's new double-movie "Grindhouse." I was interested because Rosario Dawson's in it, but Clay's made me definitely want to see it. *** Jivin' Jason @ GorillaSushi's "Tourettes Guy" video find. I can't tell if this man is an actor or is actually suffering with the illness, but he's odd as hell! {{{BOB SAGAT}}} *** The very hip, very velvet viewpoints of Pope Benedict, whose forthcoming (4/16) book Jesus of Nazarus cites and expands on Marx's theories and boldly criticizes rich nations for "robbing Africa and other poor nations." His Highness is deep... (Or is it, His Excellency?) *** Groove news at All About Jazz, which features two exciting new DVDs : bass great Stanley Clark jamming with friends including Stevie Wonder on a Coltrane tune, and a DVD of Wayne Shorter and Carlos Santana smokin' at Montreaux Jazz Festival '88. Ahhh, the music of progressive jazz masters!

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Jason - GorillaSushi said...

I can't stop using "BOB SAGAT!" in my everyday conversations now!

p.s. Gracias!

Paula the Surf Mom said...

I think that would be his holiness and that was a very cool article about the popes book... I sort of thought of this guy as a bench warmer pope and reading that article changed my mind.

You can be sure I will be ordering his book when it comes out and will give a full report on my blog after I have read it.


kweenkong said...

Jason / Paula : Yes, Bob Sagat kind of sticks in my head, too. And Paula, thank you. I knew those title didn't sound right! lol

Jimmy! said...

I get it.


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