Hip-hop Planet / National Geographic Cover Story

Hip-hop Planet is the current cover story at National Geographic.  Wonderful article with lots of old school flavor from its origins in New York

If these words intrigue you, do not miss James McBride's cover story for National Geographic: Biggie, Senegal, TuPac, China, Grafitti, Harlem, Herc, Basement, Slapped, Jobless, Culture, Rap. To explain the phenomenon of hip-hop in his "Hip-hop Planet" piece, McBride writes this illustrative graph:
Burning Man
Imagine a burning man. He is on fire. He runs into the room. You put out the flames. Then another burning man arrives. You put him out and go about your business. Then two, three, four, five, ten appear. You extinguish them all, send them to the hospital. Then imagine no one bothers to examine why the men caught fire in the first place. That is the story of hip-hop.
Excellent article, particularly for those interested in hip-hop history and how the music and dynamic lifestyle is now purposefully embraced worldwide. BTW, you can watch video of author James McBride trumpeting hip-hop's global migration at ABC News.


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