Imus Dropped From MSNBC / Bush Defends Imus

Don Imus has been dropped by MSNBC due to using his popular Imus In the Morning talk show as an open platform to perpetuate racial hatred

News Flash: MSNBC has dropped Imus In the Morning from its line-up. Suddenly, all eyes are on The I-Man, but few are looking lovingly at the MSNBC and WFAN Radio talk show host. That's because Don Imus has done the impossible: he's managed to give the term "nappy-headed hos" a million-dollar price tag. That's probably how much advertising revenue his stations have suddenly lost now that GM, Sprint, Procter & Gamble, American Express and Staples have suspended their media buys on Imus In the Morning.

Most of the advertisers are quietly taking a wait-and-see stance. If Imus is able to weather the storm over his "nappy-headed hos" comments about the Rutgers women's basketball squad, the commercial life-blood of the show may be resuscitated down the line. The radio portion of his act, however, remains in tact for now. That is, following a two-week, off-air suspension.

Accused of one too many divisive slurs, the embattled radio personality now is taking hits from every angle -- protests at TV station affiliates in various cities; guests cancelling appearances on the highly sought-after show; and now this kick in the backside, a wallop to the wallet.

There are reports, however, that Don Imus still has a friend in a high place. Some media outlets are reporting that President Bush weighed in, in Don Imus' defense.

Whoa, President Bush defends Don Imus? The same Don Imus who has made a fine living from calling the Administration a bunch of crooks, liars and morons? Perhaps this proves that blood -- and those profusely bleeding -- are indeed thicker than water. Even when the most arguable ingredient of all, oil, is involved.

Imus links:
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Levois said...

The outcry is understandable but the unfortunate thing about this is the overreaction. Not by the people actully affected by the remark but by other involved in this case being advertisers and MSNBC. Why drop him quickly after he's made this mistake. If the question is whether he'll survive this then you should hold firm on this.

It doesn't matter to be much whether he gets his job back. I don't listen to him anyway. It's too bad that this stuff had to happen.

Tisha! said...


Can't believe Bush would defend him.

In response to levois, NO this isn't an overreaction, he has a history of making such disparaging remarks and inaction would only have the sent the message that we will tolerate such indignities!

Hey Kween, sorry I got so agressive :)

kweenkong said...

Tisha!, speak freely!

Levois, I feel the problem is way bigger than the individuals on the b-ball team. To me, the problem is that next time, it could be you or me those disgusting things are said about.

I don't feel the free broadcast airwaves should accept this kind of talk. I've heard plenty of how bad these guys get. They constantly go too far and have been arrogant about it.

This type of talk really is as dangerous as second-hand smoke. This loose, malicious language informs and pollutes our airwaves and society.

And let's not forget that Imus' biggest fans are the top politicians making decisions about our lives.

Adrienne Zurub said...

Glad he's gone! Imus and his producer, McGuirk had to go. I'm not surprised that Bush would defend him. Somehow, it seems fitting that Bush by defending him,let's us know I/WE made the right decision in wanting him fired!
Adrienne Zurub


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