Mims : He's Hot 'Cause We Not

Here's a brilliantly funny read! It analyzes one of the most infectious -- but bafflingly inane -- hip-hop songs getting massive urban radio spins today. The song, of course, is the club-banger "This Is Why I'm Hot" by Mims. In Hot Hot Heat, writer Rob Harvilla is himself on fire, having given way too much thought to Mims' Seinfeldian lyrics... "This is why I'm hot. I'm hot 'cause you're not! I can make a mil' sayin' nuthin on a track."

Humor and brilliant insight collide when the Village Voice analyzes the success of New York rapper Mims, who #1 song 'This Is Why I'm Hot' is admittedly about 'nothing'
Have to admit that Harvilla makes a fine point: Any rapper gutsy enough to brag about "saying nothing on the track" -- yet breaks the Billboard sound barrier -- deserves inspection. Watch the video for "This Is Why I'm Hot" at Mims' spot.

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BillyWarhol said...

I'm still wrapping my head around AKON's I hear U whinin' n grindin' up on dat Pole*

I wanna Fuck U Fuck U*

U already kno*


Amazingly i heard that in Spanky's Strip Bar for the first time & i knew right then n there when i saw the amazing Jazmine sliding down da Pole upsidedown whilst staring lustily & bustily into my Leering eyes that not only was this Song gonna be a Huge Hit but that i would also go for a Lap Dance!!


Jimmy! said...

Thanks for visiting. You know, your site is sorta hard to navigate. Although it might not be because of your site, it might be because of my attention span or lack thereof. Anyway, I love motivation meetings whether you pay for them or not, I think they're worth it (though if I did pay, I might keep it a secret). Alright, cheers.

lakeparkluv said...

This a hella beat but let's face it. the arrogance in the lyric iis on another level. it's reckup that this music is risking most of the time. Not the stuff that is beneficial.


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