Russell Simmons to Obama on Hip-hop / Don Imus's would-be host Gov. Corzine / Virginia Tech massacre

~ Rap music mogul Russell Simmons seems to be the media's unofficial go-to guy for statements about hip-hop being the impetus behind Don Imus's career-damaging words. And apparently, Russell feels at least partial responsibility lies elsewhere. He has challenged hip-hop critic Barack Obama to fix the societal issues that make furtile ground for the anger manifesting as rap music.

The Def Jam founder makes a valid point. People with jobs and advancement opportunities don't typically go into rapping, and certainly not of the "gangsta" variety. They're not frustrated enough with their lives to create the dark thoughts that are so pervasive in rap lyrics. Pursuit of happiness is a constitutional right tied to the laws of human nature. Marginalized individuals who're determined to make a mark will do so by whatever devices they can access.

~ It was apparent even from the sparse, initial news coverage that New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine had critically suffered during the car accident that prevented him from actually hosting the meeting between Don Imus and the Rutgers students. But this update at ABC News indirectly reveals just how bad off Gov. Corzine -- a frequent Imus In the Morning guest and one of few, visibbly supportive Don Imus "friends" -- really is.

~ It would take something fairly horrific to knock the Don Imus story off the front pages, and so it is: At least 32 people at Virginia Tech were mass murdered today. Another nearly 30 are wounded and hospitalized.

Because the situation is so new, details as of this writing are sketchy. But what already sounds questionable is that the yet unidentified gunman started his crazed shoot-out at a dorm, and then safely made it elsewhere on campus, to an engineering building, to continue killing. Hours later.

This was was one mad, determined man on a rampage, boldly walking about the 100-building campus to seek out entirely new set of victims away from the original crime scene. As is too often the case, it doesn't appear an effective communications system was in place to alert people to a terror attack... This would be terrorism, would it not? You try sitting in the alleged safety of a college dorm or classroom and suddenly hear 40 to 50 gunshots.

Worse: be the person who was close enough to capture this video footage of the deadly ambush via cell phone: ABC New video of Virginia Tech shooting.

It hasn't be confirmed that the shooter was an engineering student, and I don't want to stereotype, but I went to college with lots of engineering students. They can be pretty intense -- hard on themselves and overly-sensitive to criticism. The Virginia Tech shooter died in the incident, presumably at the hand of law enforcement authorities who reported immediately to the campus.

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4838butterfly said...

glad to see you still keeping an eye on our governor here in jersey, Jon Corzine. with all the mess in virginia going on, it is easy for the nation to forget that one of our nation's best people still needs everyone prayers.


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