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Virginia Tech students massacred yesterday by Cho are being observed on the Internet with this symbol
America is both mourning and abuzz about the shooting spree yesterday at Virginia Tech (VT). We wonder what could be so serious and angering as to lead a young person, one we now know as Cho Seung-Hui, to a deadly rampage resulting in 32 deaths. Thirty-three when you include his own. In the back of your mind, something this horric makes you wonder if someone you know could snap and do something like this, which is part of the reason we follow such stories.

Cho entered the dorm and classrooms at Virginia Tech seemingly transfixed, with a blank expression
Stories they may be, but the victims are real. And it was a 23-year-old student gone mad who inflicted it. The clues and insights we seek into Cho Seung-Hui and his victims are starting to hit the Web. Following are the news reports and opinions that may help us begin to frame this tragedy, to understand what when so very wrong with so many aspects of this crisis...

~ The Lede Blog at the New York Times gets to the point with lots of new information, leads and links. It includes VT-related news from every angle. Most interesting here is a puzzling quote by a former professor of Cho's, and an ex-classmate is interviewed who long ago pondered how to react if Cho someday snapped. Unfortunately, they could do nothing about the odd behavior they noticed. Very unfortunately....

There also are many links that lead to the Facebook "friend" reponses to the VT massacre and more. A different Times article includes peculiar observations about Cho and his family by their neighbors in Centreville, Virginia.


~ Time has collected a different set of interviews with people who personally knew Cho. A former classmate of Cho's tells more about the plays he wrote, which apparently suggest he may have been molested -- which I'd wondered when I first learned of this tragedy. The piece also includes a blurb about Ryan "Stack" Clark, the adorable African American dorm R.A. who was killed trying to defend the girl who was Cho's first victim.

~ The Collegiate Times provides this precise timeline of events yesterday at Virginia Tech, and today during President Bush's visit for the Memorial Service. Practically minute-by-minute, this one covers all the points -- high, low and in between. Maybe these kids are bucking for a future as a prosecutor. Who knows: A timeline this finely crafted probably could stand up in court in a way the Blacksburg Police Department may prove unable to.

~ MTV has created a Virtual Memorial featuring a plethora of links to firsthand blog accounts by VT students of being on lock-down in the dorms, trapped in classrooms and more. MTV's Virtual Memorial also links to sites created by other universities to honor their fallen peers at VT. Meanwhile, Hot Air blogs about the romance rumors that allegedly led to the initial shooting at the dorm.


~ And from the other side of the world, the ever-watchful New Zealand Herald reports that Blacksburg, Virginia, is a town "saturated with guns." Even measured against other U.S. cities, Blacksburg is said to have an obsession with waaponry in an area where it is "ridiculously easy" by buy firearms.

Not to worry, all you would-be killers who're reading this. The National Rifle Association, one of the nation's most powerful lobby groups, is already on the case to ensure no one takes away your right to *hunt*. Here's the extent to which the NRA has commented thus far on the college campus murders at Virginia Tech, when all eyes are on them and the issue they stand for:

Statement From the National Rifle Association
Monday, April 16, 2007

The National Rifle Association joins the entire country in expressing our deepest condolences to the families of Virginia Tech University and everyone else affected by this horrible tragedy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families.

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Anonymous said...

In memory of Ryan Christopher "Stack" Clark
A true and faithful gave his life saving a woman on April 16, 2007 in this building. God alone understands.


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