Barack Obama : "This Is Not Who We Are"

I just received an email from the campaign office of Senator Barack Obama with a link to this video. It tells the sad but too common story of an Iowa couple, Amy and Lane, whose lives are in dire financial crisis due to Lane's long and expensive battle with cancer.

Is anyone listening? Far too many hard-working, decent, contributing Americans such as Amy and Lane are crying out for help. It seems a deaf ear has been turned to them. Health insurance premiums continue to skyrocket; the price of gas, food and shelter are at an all-time high...

Barack Obama is right: This is not who we are! Our priorities as a nation have become shockingly twisted.

Barack Obama promises a universal healthcare plan by the end of his first term, if elected president. Whether you like Obama or not, please play a role in bringing back love, support and compassion. When the time comes in 2008, please only vote for a presidential candidate who cares about everyday Americans like Amy and Lane.

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Chicago 2016 said...

I'm a bit skeptical of Mr. Obama's intentions. But, I suppose one never knows.

Hopefully I can swing an interview with Alt. Preckwinkle for my blog. Any community leaders you suggest I contact?

Anonymous said...

Why be skeptical of Obama? What's the worse he could do? Start a series of different wars?

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