Don Imus : Legal Battle With CBS Takes Off

Are you a fan of Don Imus and Bernard "Bernie" McGuirk? Or do you follow hot media issues and the legal system? Either way, stay up-to-date with the latest on Don Imus's emerging, high-profile lawsuit against CBS. Imus and his new First Amendment attorney, Martin Garbus, argue that his firing was improper due to language in the embattled DJ's new $40 million contract. CBS is filing a counter-suit against Don for his causing the station to lose millions of dollars in advertising revenues.

By the way... Those who're ready to move on from the Imus and McGuirk controvery may be happy to learn that Stephanie Miller hosted in Imus's old MSNBC TV slot the last couple of days. She seems to have done an excellent job. If MSNBC signs smart and spunky Miller as the permanent replacement for Imus In the Morning, I'll be tuning in. Any DJ who plays Todd Rundgren, the B-52's, Deee-Lite, Missy Elliott and Fergie all in the same show -- plus chops it up with fierce political opinion -- ought to be "In like Flint"!

In any case, the Imus lawsuit promises to be one well-watched dog fight, as it touches on so many hot topics: contract law, media and ethics, race matters, advertising, the First Amendment and a strong ancillary conversation about hip-hop culture, to boot.

Be sure to explore these six hot links to news and opinion about the I-Man, his increasingly popular sidekick Bernard McGuirk, and how the legal defense of Don's CBS contract is being formed...

~ The Washington Post serves up this fresh story, "Legal Battle Brews Over Imus Contract With CBS." If you're interested in knowing exactly how the law suit -- and counter suit by CBS -- is crafted, this article breaks it down.

~ The Houston Chronicle just filed this report, which includes a good recap of attorney Martin Garbus's appearance on Good Morning America to discuss the case:

Attorney Martin Garbus told ABC-TV's "Good Morning America"
that CBS Radio and MSNBC had delay buttons but didn't use them when Imus made racist and sexist comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team last month...

~ If you didn't catch Vanity Fair's huge feature story on intriguing Don Imus last year -- and I mean it is an amazing 360-degree look at the talk show legend -- here's your chance. Learn all about Don's humble beginnings, stumble upon success in radio, past cocaine and alcohol addictions, marriage to the much younger and beautiful Diedre Imus, and more.

~ Media Matters has this summary and actual video clip from Imus In the Morning, where Don suggested that Charles McCord and Bernie McGuirk apologize for previous comments they made about Jill Carroll.

~ Kung Fu Monkey describes classic Bernard McGuirk venom, regarding McGuirk's comments about kidnapped journalist Jill Carroll of the Christian Science Monitor.

~ Check out Diedre Imus's site for Imus Ranch Foods, which sells for charity great chips and salsa, salad dressing and coffees. Diedre Imus also sells her Greening the Cleaning products here.

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4838butterfly said...

Good video footage, thanks for sharing. At least she doesn't seem as stuck in conservatism as Don Imus was.

She seems aight. She should do well with her own tv show.

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