In New York : A Transgender Haven

Don't miss this heart-tugging New York Times video -- "A Place For Transgender Youth" -- which is about Carmen's Place. Carmen's Place is a unique homeless shelter in Queens, New York, for transgender runaways. All of the young residents are biologically male, but on their way to looking and living like women.

Carmen's Place is run by an African American Episcopal priest who seems to have the spunk and generosity of a Desmond Tutu. As such, Reverend Braxton seems to possess a brilliant mix of loving acceptance balanced with the confidence to challenge his young charges to better managing their overwhelmed lives.

This is one blessed man, Rev. Braxton, for doing this work to truly help some of America's least understood and most marginalized citizens. In turn, he is blessing the handful of "sparrows" who likely know more pain than we could imagine.

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Cynthia said...

I don't think most people realize that male and female are not the only sexes out here. These two things are at opposite ends of the spectrum and there are many variations of male and female in between.

kweenkong said...

Well said, Cynthia. I know someone who's child was born with a sexual "blend." The child certainly did nothing to cause this. Yet, now that she's a teen, she is treated suspiciously or worse by many for not looking totally feminine or masculine. It's sad and wrong.

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