Memorial Day : Special Tribute to U.S. Troops

'Flag' by Jasper Johns, 1954-55
The death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan mounts every day, with thousands of U.S. families -- and others -- torn to shreds

U.S. soldiers putting their lives in the line in IraqThis Memorial Day and always, please join the South Side Star in showing love and appreciation for every U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond. Our troops continue to do one of the most important jobs any American can. Their brave services are invaluable; the danger in which they live is unimaginable.

Whether you believe strongly in the war or feel it's past time to bring our troops home, remember to pray for their safe return to their loved ones soon.

Essential Memorial Day Reading:

~ Hot at the Washington Post is "I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. We Were Both Doing Our Duty" by Andrew Bacevich, who writes:

I genuinely believed that if the people spoke, our leaders in Washington would listen and respond. This, I can now see, was an illusion.
~ NPR audio file about the U.S. military's new restrictions on milbloggers, i.e., soldiers who blog:
The uproar circles around an Army regulation issued April 19 which updates earlier language about operational security (or "OPSEC") and blogs. Paragraph 2-1g says Army personnel must "consult with their immediate supervisor and their OPSEC Officer for an OPSEC review prior to publishing or posting information in a public forum."

~ Blogger and U.S. Marine Matthew Currier Burden, whose four-star book, The Blog of War, provides a unique view from the front-lines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also check out Matthew's Weblog Award-winning blog site, BlackFive.

The Memorial Day Video Bar

Real talk from ex-soldier Darrell Anderson, about why he went to Iraq and what he saw

Jimi Hendrix : "Star Spangled Banner" @ Woodstock, 1969 Vietnam War

Barack Obama : Defending his May 2007 vote against the war funding bill

Bob Marley : "War" montage

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BillyWarhol said...


Levois said...

May good bless our military personnel.

Vanessa said...

Great post.


4838butterfly said...

Strength to all the families who have lost loved ones, and may God protect all others in harm's way.

kweenkong said...

Thanks, all, for commenting. Hope your Memorial Day was safe and surrounded by goodness!

Anonymous said...

This is a very thought provoking post, particularly with our gov't. seemingly ready to "nuke" it out with Iran next.

It seems like our troops will need extra prayers these days as more and more trouble seems headed their way. I hope that come next Memorial Day, we won't have such an alarming number of new war victims to pay tribute to.

Alex Brown said...

Great Post! Keep 'em coming...
Memorial Day is to commemorate the bravehearts who laid down their lives for the nation. It's time to get together and remember the fallen heroes, their valor and pay tribute to the living legends.

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