R. Kelly : Rise Up, World, 'Cause He's a Flirt

Due out on May 31st, R. Kelly's new album, Double Up, promises to be yet another mega-hit for the embattled R&B genius Check out R. Kelly's new CD, "Double Up," at Amazon!The King of R&B, R. Kelly, has a new album on the way

As this excellent Washington Post piece, "R. Kelly, Flirting With Empathy," well extols, there are few more enigmatic figures in music than the Chicago-bred R&B superstar. And despite his pending child pornography trial, R. Kelly's star continues to rise. I, for one, certainly can't get his infectious new hit, "I'm a Flirt," out of my head. Thing is, I can personally attest to the truth in R. Kelly's hot new song.

If you're not familiar with it, "I'm a Flirt" admits to one of the most peculiar "dating customs" I've observed since moving to Chicago a decade ago. The song warns that when you're out on the town with your honey, don't be surprised if when you momentarily step away, someone makes a stealth attempt to steal your cutie from under your nose. And this is precisely what I experienced on one of my first dates in Chi-town.

A new guy-friend had taken me to a swanky supper club for dinner and cocktails. Not many people were in the spot so early in the evening, so you couldn't help but notice a miniskirt-wearing Hoochie Mama seated alone at the bar a few yards away. Hoochie clearly was seeking male attention, and it could be assumed she would receive plenty, once the place filled up with a few unattached guys...

At some point, I excused myself from the table where I'd sat with my handsome date, making a brief trip to the powder room. Once my lipstick and perfume were freshened, I headed back to the table. Interestingly, as I approached, I saw the leggy Hoochie Chick rise from my chair and scamper back to her little perch at the bar.

Naive me: I just couldn't imagine why she'd been at our table. The second I was seated, my guy chuckled and handed me a folded cocktail napkin. I opened it and squinted incredulously as I read Miss Hooch's name and phone number.

Flattered but disinterested, my date encouraged me to shred the napkin; I did so post haste and with great appreciation for his show of loyalty. Smart man: He didn't hesitate to tell me he'd come there with the most attractive woman in the room, so he didn't care to have Hoochie's number.

Did women in this town have no shame, I wondered. Call me old school, but I'd never been a part of a social scene in any other city where women seemed this bold and horny. Some Chicago "ladies" (sluts!) approach man-stealing like a competitive sport, I learned.

Over the years, I've told this story to many people. Now, R. Kelly has sublimely captured head-spinning moments like it in his hit song, "I'm a Flirt." I would have liked such a melodic, well-storied tune anyway. But having personally experienced this phenomenon in The Chi, I feel a special affinity with it.

So if you're planning a summer vacation in Chicago, just beware. Take to heart what R. sings: Unless your game is tight and you really trust him, don't bring him 'round here 'cause they are flirts!

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

Kween - You're cracking me up, as usual.

You are such a gifted and amazing writer. Don't ever stop blogging and writing.

Yeah, the guys in Chicago can be bold, too.

I was walking down the street HOLDING MY HUSBAND'S HAND and some guy was trying to whisper in my left ear as we walked by.

Crazy! All I can say is stay out of the pedways, too. Or pray for protection...

kweenkong said...

Thanks, Paula! Glad you liked and I'll try to keep it up. ;-)

Anonymous said...

julie ann sterna nice

Ralf said...

So einen heißen Flirt hätte ich auch gerne mal wieder.

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