SexyBack : Hip-Hop Pants Sagging to a New Low

Wow, is this bringing sexy back?

Hip-hop fashion is sagging to a new low with guys pants wearing pants with the waistband almost to their kneesI haven't been online much as I'm visiting my mom in St. Louis, where 1.) I only have access to dial-up service and 2.) cannot tie-up my Chatty Cathy mom's beloved telephone during the day. But enough about what I cannot tie-up here in St. Louis... The question is why so many young men in my hometown cannot tie-up their sagging pants?!

Living in Chicago, I see guys every day who opt for the low-riding, hip-hop pants look. Looks goofy and impractical, but whatev... However, I've seen a startling extreme here in St. Louis that absolutely blows my mind: I've witnessed about three inches of a guy's thigh meat showing above the waistband of a pair of low, baggy jeans! What the #$!*?

Is it my imagination, or are these things sinking lower and lower? I mean, another inch or two lower, and the world would have been seeing this kid's knees. Except no one would be looking at those rusty knees, believe me.

Sagging pants is 'gay'.  Not that there's anything with gay at all.  But homophobic hip-hoppers are showing too much ass and it sure says something deep about those would-be gay bashersThis is not fashion, guys; it is sexual advertising. Any man (boy) who reveals his entire ass for other men to see and admire is cruising for a bruising in the backside. Don't kid yourselves, fellas: It's not just teen-age girls checking out your SexyBack. It is possible that more male sexual predators are into your indecent exposure than girls.

A gay friend in Chicago recently commented that he doesn't bother going to most gay clubs any longer. A gang-banging element of hip-hop has taken over the clubs, he says.

So when you add it all together -- the butt-flashing, the fashion admiration of a beltless and womanless male prison system, the extreme homophobia spewed by rappers, the verbal female-bashing -- it seems apparent that homosexual desire is manifesting in some aspects of hip-hop culture. Need I even waste key-strokes typing about the missing fathers that sometimes figure in this equation?

Bottom line: Guys, you look gay. Seriously. If you don't like what's being said about you, then pull up your pants. Doing so may save your life in more ways than one. While I just think hiking up those sagging pants will help save you from being molested by some freak, my mom believes the fashion statement plays a part in the deaths of gang-bangers. As my wise, old Chatty Cathy says, "You can't flee from flying bullets when your gangsta pants are falling down around your knees, can you?"

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Cynthia said...

This is unfortunate that young boys/men are wearing their clothes like this. I think something is causing an excess of homosexual behavior in the Black community, particular, young men.

Jason - GorillaSushi said...

I think I'll capitalize and manufacture some pants that are built to expose the man-crack. Oh wait. They already have those - they're called chaps. There will be an "I told you so" coming when Russell Simmons starts selling hip-hop chaps.

Anonymous said...

This also deals with the ignorance thats been perpetuated in Hip-Hop recently, style of dress was becoming more conservative as it should out, but then it just went south...

kweenkong said...

Agree, Chyenne. Waaaay 'south' unfortunately.

Drew said...

Oh dear. Clothes. Ass. Gay. Ass. Cracks. Gay.

Sounds like a wing of the Republican Party.

Fashion has changed since the Roman Army went around in skirts (as some of the bravest of the British Army still do...the Highland Regiments).

But my point is...this is hardly helping anyone. It's venting on the part of someone who can't lower their pants because there may not be much to hold it up.

Get over it.

Cierra said...

This is such a ridiculous style. Check out my video about it. Its spreading on Youtube.

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