So You Think You Can Stand More Dancing?

Is it my imagination, or are the judges on reality TV shows acting more bizarrely than the delusional contestants? A few nights ago, I happened to catch So You Think You Can Dance on Fox, an American Idol knockoff, but for -- you guessed it: those who (sadly) think they can dance. It was entertaining enough, particularly one kooky, gold helmet-wearing guy from California -- Bryce "Gold Inferno" Cleverly -- who performed a cool and jittery dance from Amsterdam. It's called Jumpstyle, the Gold Inferno said. He learned Jumpstyle from a YouTube video:

Aside from the Pop and Lock dancers, most of whom were amazingly acrobatic and excellent performers, many of the contestants were mediocre. One of the best things about the show was its repeatedly having the dancers perform as a group to Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls... I've been digging the song for a while, having only heard it before on the Borat DVD. Luckily, while searching for a Jumpstyle video to post here, I finally discovered the song's title and artists:

(Now if I can just figure out what the heck "Danity Kane" means...)

Unluckily though, no one on So You Think You Can Dance moved the way these sexy ladies do. Still I suffered through the show. And I emphasize "suffered." Why? Because of the lone female judge on the show, choreographer Mary Murphy...

I ask you, "What's the deal with the reality show judges any more?" This woman annoyingly laughed and laughed to tears throughout the entire show. Laughing at the contestants, right in their faces as they stood there, probably nervous and insulted. But patiently waiting for her to pull it together enough to move on to their critiques...

Who was this Paula Abdul wanna-be, I wondered. Drunk with laughter -- and I mean, she acted high or drunk, making Paula Abdul look sober as the Pope.

Well, at least she didn't fall off her chair. She seemed to come mighty close, though.

And then yesterday, as if not to be upstaged by the far too giddy judge on So You Think You Can Dance, Paula Abdul makes the scandal sheets again with this headline:

Paula Abdul, a judge on American Idol, was caught on tape sobbing and whining because her publicist quit her for too much sobbing and whining
According to the New York Post, there's a conference call audiotape with Paula sobbing and whining to the high heavens about her former publicist, who dropped her as a client. From the looks of the transcript, Paula dramatically whined that he dropped her because she was too whiney. (Note to Paula's new publicist: Run while you still can! Try to get out alive!)

Then, moments later, I caught wind of this: Jerry Springer will host the new season of America's Got Talent, which premieres Tuesday on NBC. Great! If Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff falls off his chair and starts writhing on the floor eating a sandwich again, Jerry-with-the-two-left-feet will dance over to admonish his bad behavior.

I don't know about you, but I can't keep dancing with these wacko stars.

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Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you, but you only made me want to see how zany this lady judge acts. Sounds like she really is like Paula Abdul and I like watching her on A.I.

Chicago 2016 said...

No more dancing. Please!

hamsammich said...

I saw this and wondered if this judge's laughing was getting on anyone else's nerves!

It really did come off as rude. The show had to stop too many times to wait for her to finish cackling, so it was boring at times because of this.

Mockoroni said...

That dance video was great. A bunch a retards throwing a fit on a school yard!

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