White House : Wacky Weed & Birds In the Bush

Several 2008 presidential candidates want to legalize marijuana~ Did you know that Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel and Bill Richardson would legalize marijuana if elected president? If you didn't know that (as I surely didn't), perhaps you'll benefit from the 'score card' at Shii.org about the 2008 presidential candidates. Democrats and Republicans alike are summarized, letting you know where everyone stands on issues ranging from taxation to abortion. There's also a debate schedule for each "team."

~ Speaking of smokin' and tokin', what's this about the Bush twins and their parents smoking? No wonder President Bush almost referred to Queen Elizabeth as a 200-year-old.

Queen Elizabeth at the White House~ (Singing): Go, Cabbage! It's ya' birthday! Go... What? I can't call the Queen of England "Cabbage?" Well, that's what her hubby in the fabulous movie, The Queen calls her: Cabbage! Isn't that the cutest?! I was thankful that in the film, the man who played Prince Philip didn't try to heat up the Queen with his big corned beef... He was telling "Cabbage" to slide over so he could join her in bed... Wouldn't that have been like seeing the woman get royally screwed?

Queen Elizabeth at the White HouseIn any case... I'm absolutely taken by the regal head gear that Her Royal Veggie sprouted for her visit to the United States. Of course Queen Elizabeth really came here for the Kentucky Derby. The event is like a Mad Hatters Ball, with the ultimate in wild haberdashery on display. A millinery zoo of fine feathered things that appear ready to fly the wearers off to bird paradise.

Don't get me wrong: I LOVE hats! I'm just tickled by the thought of how invested the Queen must have been in selecting just the right ones for her trip -- including the tiara! Me thinks Queenie should get out more.

Queen Elizabeth at the White HouseAlso interesting was hearing Robin Roberts of Good Morning America talk about her big evening, hanging out at the White House last night with Cabbage & Crew. Robin says that when she was in the receiving line to greet the Queen and take a photo, she'd wanted very badly to tell H.R.M. that her own mother attended the Queen Mum's extraordinary coronation. But she didn't feel comfortable taking up so much of the Queen's time, so was about to walk away... When Laura Bush spoke up on her behalf and told the Queen, "Oh! This is the woman I was telling you about, who's mother attended your mother's coronation!"

Wasn't that nice of the First Lady? Robin didn't say what Cabbage's response was. Cabbage doesn't appear to be the "down-to-Earth chit-chat" type, though. Which may be why Robin Roberts didn't tell America more about her bush with royalty. I mean brush.

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Anonymous said...

This woman is just a snobby Brit. Probably looked down her inbred nose at the Bush family the entire time she was with them.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

You are so funny, Kween.

Yeah, I loved that movie The Queen, too. And I forgot that the Prince called her the Cabbage.

Remember that scene where he was talking about how when a man cheats his wife should just look the other way?

I'll bet she had to put up with a lot of corned beef gone wild!

Anyway, did you get your tickets to Robin Thicke at the Riv yet?

He was on Oprah and The View!

Cynthia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cynthia said...

Nice story! She is probably too old to remember how to engage in small talk.

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