YouTube Girlie : Obama Comments : PETA : Shock Jocks Won't Stop

PETA meatPETA meat

~ Oh no, not again!! PETA sure "pans" my desire for meat with these gory advertisements. After seeing these images, I may have a tough(er) time eating meat forever more. I already go through this weird mental thing when I'm prepping chicken. I sort of have a flashback to the David Lynch cult film, Eraserhead. You know... The scene where the scrawny chicken on the dinner table starts... Awww, don't make me say it! And the creepy family just sits there watching their dinner... Ewww!

I swear, since seeing this bizarre film many years ago, I have not been able to deal with raw chicken quite the same... ... Sometimes, I just have to walk away from the chicken a moment. I think it's going to suddenly start... You know!

~ The New York Times finds that, even in the wake of the Don Imus controversy and a number of DJs being "unplugged" for similar comments in poor taste, radio personalities have not slowed their roll. Few are speaking with more prudence; most are as outrageous as ever. According to "Shock Radio, Playing Rough, Shrugs at Imus's Fall," top shock jocks like Mancow, Howard Stern and the Jersey Guys haven't slowed their verbal assault one bit.

~ Again: no one has shut down America's venomous First Amendment factory. is experiencing this in a most embarrassing manner. They site decided to disable the comments section for all its Barack Obama online stories. Racist remarks were just too voluminous and ongoing. It's sad commentary on who some of us are. I've written here before about the American online undercurrent that harbors uber-nutty 666 suspicions about Senator Obama. Interestingly Sally Quinn's column yesterday in the Washington Post, "A Welcome and A Question," makes one realize there's deep, perhaps unusual puzzlement about Obama even among those who like him.

~ In the category of utter grey matter, YouTube fans are hatin' this cute Barbie Girl for unleashing her mundane Barbie World on video. What's all the fuss about GreenTeaGirlie? Here, the Los Angeles Times's "Webscout" solves the mystery of a Seinfieldian (i.e., about 'nothing') video clip that generated 170,000 YouTube hits in a day. The video was followed by the YouTube crowd, like sheep being led to slaughter -- with massive complaints. GreenTeaGirlie was accused of trying to pull a stunt a la LonelyGirl15.

[Lonely Girl's YouTube videos]
[Lonely Girl news story about marketing ploy]

The only redeeming aspect of this is that a couple of smart viral marketers are ekeing some business out of it.

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Anonymous said...

OMG. This is disturbing. I will never be able to look at chicken the same way!!

Levois said...

Eraserhead seems like an interesting movie. Seems more European than American. I'd like to see this movie.

Keith said...

This site is cool as hell. And the "Eraserhead" footage... Man, I've been hearing about that movie for years, but couldn't quite get myself up to the task of checking it out because I'm not always good with those creepshow type flicks, even when I know they're supposed to be good.

As for PETA..? I can dig where they're coming from, but I goota dmit they really get on my nerves sometimes. As for me not eating meat. Sorry. Just ain't gonna happen.

Also, thanks so much for linking to my site! Much, much appreciated. And the kindness will indeed be reciprocated.

kweenkong said...

Thanks so much, Keith, for stopping by. I hear you about PETA and the meat. I'm okay eating it. My problem is seeing it raw while I cook. The site of raw chicken just about freaks. me. OuT! lol

Filly said...

These PETA ads go too far. A lot of what PETA does is in bad taste. for example their attacks on celebrities who wear furs.

PETA is probably turning off more people by being so obnoxious than they are converting.

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