Fergie : The Fergalicious Dutchess On Tour

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas stands outs among pop stars, perhaps demonstrating the true spirit of the next 'Madonna'

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Chicago House of Blues, Sun., 6/10

Fergie's Glamorous Party
6/10 in Chicago

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There are a good number of top-selling female artists today who are nearing the commercial cross-over success of legends like Madonna and Tina Turner. But not all of today's super-girls have the DNA for je ne sais quoi that makes a Madonna or Tina so much extra in their own time.

You might, for example, agree that Beyonce Knowles is an exciting, contemporary version of the legendary Tina Turner. But if you look closely, you may also detect in The Dutchess -- i.e., Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas -- a sassy secret sauce that eventually landed a young Madonna atop a unique pedestal in pop music history.

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Sure, the industry today is crowded with sexy pop stars who're contenders for the "Madonna crown." But you've gotta admit there's something so distinctive... so soulful... so ... so Fergalicious about Stacy Ann Ferguson that she's practically, well, Like a Virgin!

Lil' Stacy Ann Ferguson on Kids Incorporated

Fergie's Verizon concert tour will soon hit St. Louis, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Boston and Anaheim.  Scroll down for remaining 2007 concert tour dates Not just "like" a virgin, hopefully Fergie was a real one at that young age...

But back to the here-and-now... The next time you listen to the super-cool song Glamorous, imagine the sophisticated and reinvented Madonna having sung it. And Fergie's sexually playful tune London Bridge? Isn't it similar to those funky, energetic classics by Madonna, too?

Conversely, if anyone ever records a cover of Madonna's mega-hit Vogue, who else but Fergie could take it to the next level? Make such a fly and fashionable gem sound even more... glamorous?

Still, there are Fergie critics... Note: When she's not just funning around in a song, Fergie has a beautiful sonora and stealth vocal control. Singing well sounds effortless for her; she has no need to bellow throughout a song to win approval. These are marks of distinction in that illustrious field of cross-over superstars.

Fergie's hit songs may have done well had they been recorded by Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera or Gwen Stefani. But the umph with which Fergie delivers them earns only her humps extra lumps of sweet, street cred.

Only time will tell if Fergie's popularity will command her to further reinvent and go officially solo from the Black Eyed Peas. If that day ever comes, I'd say scoot over Madge of London. There's enough room on your famous bridge for a little Dutchess from Kids Incorporated to cross into mega-stardom with you.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas makes her solo concert debut in Chicago on June 10, 2007

~ Fergie's 2003 interview @ Chicago Sun-Times

~ FergieWorld at YouTube

~ The wicked Wiki on Fergie

The Fergie Verizon VIP Tour 2007 Schedule
Sun., 6/10 ---------------- Chicago @ House of Blues
Mon., 6/11 ---------------- St. Louis @ Pageant
Wed., 6/13 --------------- Detroit @ State Theatre
Tues., 6/19 --------------- Boston @ Mass. Avalon
Thurs., 6/21 -------------- New York @ Roseland
Tues., 7/17 --------------- Anaheim @ House of Blues
Wed., 7/18 --------------- Los Angeles @ Wiltern Theatre
Thurs., 7/19 -------------- Phoenix @ Dodge Theatre
Sun., 7/22 ---------------- Denver @ Fillmore
Tues., 7/24 --------------- Portland, Ore. @ Crystal Ballroom

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4838butterfly said...

The Fergie video as a child is interesting. She was a Madonna wannabe for sure! Nice article, but I'll wait till she's in concert with BEP.

kweenkong said...

Hey, 4838butterfly -- Yep, it will be interesting to keep watching Fergie's career. Hopefully she'll continue climbing up in stature. Not saying she should go solo, but she may really soon over-shadow the guys, same way B did the others in Destiny's Child.

kweenkong said...

Mockoroni, Yep Jumpstyle looks truly retarded, but doing it surely must keeps one's body fit.

Chicago 2016 said...

I'm sorry, but Fergie's face could cut glass.

kweenkong said...

Chicago 2016, you are TOO funny! No, Fergie's no Heidi Klum, but then... Who is? Still, I enjoy the Fergster's voice and sense of fun.

Chicago 2016 said...

What about her old meth habit?

Anonymous said...

i think that she will neva give up on her dreams, if she did, then too bad 4 her, that wuz her dream to get to the spot, shes much better off on her own, but i think that its suffocation with her in the black eyed peas.anyway, dont miss the smile 4 the camera!!!!!!!!!

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