Married to the Mob : Hillary & Bill Clinton's New Video

Next at bat and scoring a home run in the viral video arena is Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. To announce the song that's won selection as her official campaign music, the presidential candidate's team has released a "Sopranos"-esque video spoof in which she and husband Bill Clinton star.

Casually dressed and seated in a diner, the Clintons flip through songs featured on a tabletop jukebox, chatting about which tunes might win Hillary's campaign music contest. Posted at her official site, the Clintons' video short even includes a brief and menacing appearance by "Sopranos" actor Vince Curatola, who played mob boss Johnny "Sack."

Way to play ball, Team Clinton. The former First Couple -- and Next Couple hopefuls -- seem to strike back at Obama Girl's popularity in a most resounding way.

The video ends, by the way, as abruptly as the now infamous "Sopranos" show ...................................................

And then, you're invited to make a campaign contribution.

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