Obama Fan Video: "I Got a Crush - I'm a Stalker"

Obama Girl is either one heck of an actress, or
Michelle Obama had better keep an eye on
the funny bunny-burner in this hot YouTube video...

"I Got a Crush On Obama"
Obama Girl

"Jay-Z, You Are Amazing"
Katrina, A "Dr. Phil" Guest

"He Does Not Want Your Flower!"
Mr. Pregnant, YouTube Star

Top 10 Movies About Female Stalkers

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Anonymous said...

good vids. but i don't know why this girl is stalking jay. like he would glance at her when he's got B.

hamsammich said...

I'm starting to think Obama Girl is a Republican setup to associate him with cliche racial stereotypes.

Her t-shirt is too tight to just be a regular Obama fan sending an innocent message. Not that I mind all of that boobage personally.

Chicago 2016 said...

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it were a ruse to get a backlash going against Obama.

Vanessa said...

I don't think this video will hurt Obama, it may actually help him with young voters.

kweenkong said...

Thanks for your excellent comments, all! As if not to be upstaged, Hillary Clinton's campaign is now scoring a video homerun with a Sopranos-styled promo piece. I like, and she should experience a nice bump-up in contributions, etc. from it.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Next week I plan to stalk Gabby Reese

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