Rihanna : Hot Piranha Twirls 'Umbrella'

Barbados, where pop singer Rihanna was reared, is a lovely island, where the beach umbrella signifies a chilled-out life.

You may think it's time for a summer vacation, but it's not. It's back-to-school time, boys and girls. And what's today's lesson? We're studying the music industry, particularly that all-important function called Artist & Repertoire. It's listed on your syllabus as "Pop Star 101: The Making Of a ..."
Sexy Rihanna, pop sensation on Jay-Z's Def Jam labelUnder the "umbrella" of covering exotic pop sensations, some of the Internet's most-trusted music critics have filed highly entertaining articles reviewing Rihanna's new CD, "Good Girl Gone Bad." Not one of the reviews we're referencing outright flatters her for vocal talent. Yet, all praise her new set as a pop-music success infused with reggae and new wave-ish elements.

Don't miss these excellent reviews of "Good Girl Gone Bad" by Jay-Z's smoldering "it girl" on Def Jam:

~ A seriously thoughtful piece at the Village Voice, "The Battle For the Heart of R&B," critiques the potential of Rihanna versus Amerie, another Jay-Z / Def Jam artist whose moment a few summers ago seems to have timed out.

~ A second Village Voice writer, in "Mediocre Girl Gone Good," herald's Rihanna's "triumphant, only occasionally cringeworthy pop-coronation."

~ And Clay Cane's review of Rihanna for Edge New York not only warns listeners of her penchant to fall in the pop music category, he also cautions the 5'9" princess from Barbados may be what Hall & Oates dubbed a "man-eater."

It's plain to see why all eyes are on Piranha. I mean Rihanna. And we all know why: Music fans are baiting / awaiting her cat(fish) fight with Jay-Z's girl, Beyonce.

Ring the alarm, indeed; school's definitely not out. And the one thing we may learn, class, is this: As CEO of Def Jam, the "Mike Jordan of recordin'" is also an A&R genius -- for casting the net causing so much hype for a most luminescent, new vixen.

-- Rihanna nets Billboard trifecta with "Good Girl Gone Bad"
-- Rihanna's biography at Billboard
-- Discover, Dream, Enjoy :

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Mr. HustleKnocker said...

rhianna sounds pretty fabricated to me... thin everywhere. but who isn't in R&B these days? hot blog, by the way.

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)

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