Dr. Wax, a Chicago Music Legend, Needs YOU!

We, the music lovers of Chicago, seriously need your help. One of the best music stores in the city -- arguably one of the coolest in the world -- may shockingly be forced to close. The victim is Dr. Wax Records in Hyde Park. The bullet is a monthly rental that's escalated beyond logic -- retroactively, adding salt to the wound. The shooter is Dr. Wax's landlord, Harper Court Foundation.

An online viral movement is underway to help keep the store open, if even in a more affordable new space nearby. So please take a moment and sign the online petition linked near the end of this post. Who should care? Those around the world who love rock, jazz, classic rock, hip-hop, Chicago house music, acid jazz, R&B, funk and country. So that would be YOU. And here's why...

Dr. Wax has generously supported indie music acts from around the world who wanted to build a following in Chicago. There are too many to name, but the ones I've discovered and love thanks to Dr. Wax in Harper Court's knowledgeable employees include Julie Dexter, N'Dambi, Peven Everett, Eric Roberson, Tweek, Ledisi, Lewis Taylor, Outside and Fertile Ground, to name a few.

Dr. Wax also has given an enormous number of local hip-hop acts shelf space and more over many years, helping them develop an audience when they had none. This small but flavorful music boutique has also sponsored numerous music concerts, as well as the University of Chicago's student-run alternative radio station, WHPK fm.

We're gathering the troops worldwide -- that would be YOU -- to send a message that some semblance of fairness should become part of the equation in this troubling situation. Whether you live in Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Denver, San Diego, New York, Germany, Little Rock, Miami, London or Africa (whew!), believe me, you'd love this music store and try to help keep it around.

Please go to one or both of these sites and leave a comment showing your support of this effort:

Keep Dr. Wax Open (an online petition by another incensed Friend of Dr. Wax)

Dr. Wax Closing In Hyde Park (photoessay)

The possibility of losing this store is enough to make many of us want to move to another city. Really, it's one of the coolest music experiences, and the employees impeccably know their stuff -- every genre. Whether you want to know what's new (or old) in rock, classic rock or country or jazz, neo soul, R&B, house, acid jazz and hip-hop these guys -- Duane and Charles -- will hip you to something exciting.

It's as if the soul of the city is being ripped from under us... Thank you "from the bottom" for taking a few minutes to help keep this essential music source alive.

PS Check out Duane Powell's MySpace site for an idea of all the major and emerging artists around the world who know this big-hearted guy and appreciate him.

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