Max Roach to Jay-Z ... Bebop to Hip-hop

Jazz drummer Max Roach, a bebop music originator, died August 16, 2007, in ManhattanRapper and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z was named the top among hip-hop's cash kings by Forbes magazine on a list including 50 Cent, Sean Diddy Combs, Timbaland and Dr. DreLove it or hate it, it's hard to miss the dotted line in African American history that's taken the music world from bebop to hip-hop. Draw your own conclusion, but the life transition yesterday of jazz drum master Max Roach coinciding with Forbes giving Jay-Z the crown among hip-hop cash kings says something mighty powerful...

New York Times on Max Roach's life and achievements covers Forbes story about cash kings Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Diddy, Timbaland, & Dr. Dre

"Tell My... Horse," 2006 post at ViqiFrenchFever about hip-hop, 50 Cent and the messages

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OldManRivers said...

R.I.P., Max Roach. You're the best there ever was.

Anonymous said...

With Max Roach now gone, it seems that jazz continues to fade from our collective grasp.

The music is difficult enough to find on radio in most cities, and it struggles to have a presence on Internet radio. Disturbing trend.

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