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While online exploring ways to promote my book, which I categorize as my * suspense memoirs *, I've been more astonished than before by how quickly hot, new spaces crop up, catch fire, and help build traffic for writers. Or for anyone else, for that matter.

Because one of my redundant gripes in life is, "No one ever told me that... Why didn't someone tell me?" I'm sharing some of these sites with you. Again, I've stumbled upon them in the context of searching for good writers tools, but if you're not a writer, you'll still probably find them useful.

1. -- This could be called Free eBooks or PDF City, and I mean there's a PDF or ebook at Scribd on all kinds of cool, obscure stuff. I don't mean obscure in a bad way at all; I mean of great value and high quality, which can be rare in cyberspace. Extremely user-friendly and clean design. The link opens on my own, first entry at Scribd, but you know to explore once inside. After you read my memoir PDF, that is. ;-)

2. -- I'd heard of Shvoong, but hadn't ventured there until now. I was reminded by a fellow Associated Content writer that here was a place to not only write my own book review, but serve it up for others who hopefully would like the material and write book reviews, too.

3. -- A venture of PayPal (which is owned by eBay), PayLoadz provides a space for creatives to sell all types of digital goods. From ebooks and music MP3s to software and how-to instructions, someone seems to offer it in the PayLoadz Store. For example, download how to build a garden bridge, how to knit a cool handbag, how to write a book, and more.

4. -- There's been much written lately about Google and what's being called the "Squidoo Slap." Meaning that Google grew frustrated with the spam abuse at Squidoo and either removed peoples' high-ranking sites from Google search or buried them. But there's still a strong and supportive community at Squidoo. Even through Google, Squidoo brings nice traffic to the lens about my memoirs just fine.

5. -- I hadn't used the search function at the top of this blog in a while. And just when I wanted to, I discovered it was gone. (Like I said, nobody tells me anything!) I wanted to search for other writers on Blogger, book review writers, you name it, but it took a minute to figure out how. I wound up changing my profile page (i.e, my occupation line) from PR and Writer to just say Writer, and there "everyone" was. Wasn't there a time when you could choose from the universe of what types of bloggers you wanted to search for here on Blogger?

Bonus: This isn't a site for writers, but I love and the wonderful photography there. Great community and some very creative photo essays there, too. Check out this wacky Tabblo by Gretel!

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Howie said...

There have been a lot of comments and questions on what really happened with Google & Squidoo

I interviewed Seth Godin on the "Squidoo Slap"

kweenkong said...

Hey Howie, I'll definitely come check out your interview with Seth. Very curious to learn how he's feeling about that dirty Google move. But I guess all of us "Squids" had better learn the lesson.

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