Stop Snitchin'? Stop Saggin'!

Yes, do it, Atlanta! And I can see that St. Louis needs to follow suite with similar sagging laws soon. The saggin' trend is so intense and pervasive here that I've been snooping around the 'hood with my camera during my visit home, clandestinely taking the above pictures of guys' butts. They're an elusive lot, though. Hard to snap shots of, like butt-a-flies!

Men and their ass-showing thing really ought to have been outlawed a long time ago. Companies such as Sears, your basic plumber, your basic cable company... All of them have done society a grave disservice by turning the other cheek toward employees who bear butt crack. There is nothing so disgusting. Nothing. Not even hip-hop kids with sagging pants.

But here again, America needs an attitude adjustment. Too many people laugh hysterically when older white men expose their fleshy, jiggly posteriors. But now that urban youth, particularly black kids, have taken the shocking look and twisted it into a (horrid) fad, suddenly we need laws, Laws, LAWS!!

And I agree. But we needed these indecency laws years ago, when this sloppy phenomenon started among service workers. When strangers began coming into our homes dressed in ways that assault the senses. For as distasteful as I find hip-hop pants saggin', I'm thankful the wincing and squinting I do when I see it isn't because I'm seeing the actual cheese.


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