Leave YouTube Alone - Chris Crocker on Britney, Seth Green on Chris Crocker, and George Bush on General Petraeus

Oh, no she didn't!

Oh, yes he did!

Chris Crocker, the ultimate Britney Spears fan, interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel about his wildly popular, "tearful" defense of the pop star's performance on MTV's VMA show.

Then who he did what?! Seth Green says we have to go "through" him.

Go through him?!

Yep! PS Leave Chris Crocker a LOAN! (We thinks she needs to buy annuda bra...)

And President George Dubya Bush is dead certain to cry: Leave General Petraeus Alone!

Maybe I'll make one of these videos that, thanks to Chris Crocker's Britney Spears obsession, have multiplied like school chirren. The title? I'll call it LEAVE YOUTUBE ALOOOONE!!


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Oprah and Chicago BBQ For Obama

BBQ For Barack Obama events are happening throughout Chicago, and Oprah Winfrey takes her cook-out for the candidate to the far left, hosting hers for celebrites at her gorgeous Montecito, California home

Still not convinced that Senator Barack Obama can make a difference? Well, it seems he's making a crucial difference this weekend for those of us who could cry because the end of summer is so near. It's a mega BBQ Cook-out (sort of). Chicago media mogul Oprah Winfrey is throwing a celebrity fundraiser BBQ for Obama on September 8 at her California digs, and an impressive 60 Obama supporters here in the Windy City are doing the same, inviting the public. But at a more affordable ticket price, I'm sure.

So if you've been lamenting the idea of packing away your swimsuit, cargo pants, sunglasses, charred grill and ice cold beer post Labor Day, you really don't have to! Obama is a man with a plan to keep the season hot a while longer. What a progressive and engaging way to network and focus us on politics, but in a fun environment that'll bring happiness and relaxation.

Here's a link to find an Obama BBQ event in Chicago. If interested, it's best to contact the host ASAP: a few of the Chicago events are already filled to capacity and are now closed. If you live elsewhere, why not throw a Bar-B-Que anyway this weekend? What better way to hold on to the heat and fun it brings?

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Model Naomi Campbell - Working On Labor Day

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has a killer, nude PR shot for an Italian fashion and tourism magazine

You may be lucky enough to have this Labor Day holiday off, but supermodel Naomi Campbell is working (it) today for sure. If you're a fan of the flawless but temperamental fashion runway diva extraordinaire, do not miss this stunning photo of Naomi. I just stumbled across it while doing some PR research for an Italian tourism client.

Unfortunately, I don't speak Italian, so cannot read what this Italian fashion and tourism website article says about Naomi. But her nude, high art photo there did give me a Borat moment, making me think, "Wow wa wee wah!" The photo's just too fierce and sexy -- and makes me want to forgo eating so much delicious Bar-b-que at the family's Labor Day cook-out!

Naomi's photo reminds me of a friend who moved to Milan years ago to pursue fashion design, and wound up dabbling in the Italian porn film industry. She eventually left Italy to continue pursuing art (with clothes on). Guess that's where fresh 'cheeks' like Miss Naomi's sort of came in.

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Dead Certain That President Bush Is Ready to Leave Mess For Dems to Clean Up

I thought this Washington Post article would be one of those revealing book reviews, this time with President Bush as the subject, that would make me dash over to Borders Books for a sneak peak once it hit bookshelves. However, this isn't a book review about "Dead Certain, " which author Robert Draper, a Texan and Bush friend, soon debuts about fellow good ol' boy, Dubbya.

I'd have to say, though, the article about the book made me literally shudder and squint at the page more than once. I decided I won't be dashing to Borders for a look-see; the article alone caused me adverse bodily reactions.

In the new book that comes out Tuesday about President Bush, he mentions that his wife, First Lady Laura Bush, reminds him not to wallow in self-pity; he chose this job. (Some would argue that he did more than 'choose' it, but that's semantics!) President Bush also seems to think that people don't like him because he's really doing his job extremely well: being a great leader who's leaving the country in better shape than before him.

President Bush also mentions the possibility of starting a Freedom Institute. Talks about crying more than anyone could know. And imagines himself "getting in the car, and being bored" once his presidency ends...

Think I'd better just refer you to this interesting article written on "Dead Certain." I don't want to editorialize too much here; I wouldn't want to make the President of the United States cry. One thing's for sure. This rare glimpse into Bush's heart could be more frightening than a look at "Bush's brain."

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Dragonfly Photography at Tabblo Photo Sharing Site

Tabblo: Bugging Out @ The Jewel Box In St. Louis

I've always loved dragonflies. And now that I've discovered a plethora of them at the Jewel Box in St. Louis, I simply cannot stop going there to capture shots of them.

They're fun to photograph. They soar and flit from the lily pads to the surrounding bushes so gracefully. The chase is great!

... See all 12 "Dragonflies" in photo album...

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