Dead Certain That President Bush Is Ready to Leave Mess For Dems to Clean Up

I thought this Washington Post article would be one of those revealing book reviews, this time with President Bush as the subject, that would make me dash over to Borders Books for a sneak peak once it hit bookshelves. However, this isn't a book review about "Dead Certain, " which author Robert Draper, a Texan and Bush friend, soon debuts about fellow good ol' boy, Dubbya.

I'd have to say, though, the article about the book made me literally shudder and squint at the page more than once. I decided I won't be dashing to Borders for a look-see; the article alone caused me adverse bodily reactions.

In the new book that comes out Tuesday about President Bush, he mentions that his wife, First Lady Laura Bush, reminds him not to wallow in self-pity; he chose this job. (Some would argue that he did more than 'choose' it, but that's semantics!) President Bush also seems to think that people don't like him because he's really doing his job extremely well: being a great leader who's leaving the country in better shape than before him.

President Bush also mentions the possibility of starting a Freedom Institute. Talks about crying more than anyone could know. And imagines himself "getting in the car, and being bored" once his presidency ends...

Think I'd better just refer you to this interesting article written on "Dead Certain." I don't want to editorialize too much here; I wouldn't want to make the President of the United States cry. One thing's for sure. This rare glimpse into Bush's heart could be more frightening than a look at "Bush's brain."

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Anonymous said...

No need to buy this book to read more self-lies. Just watch the news every day.

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