Leave YouTube Alone - Chris Crocker on Britney, Seth Green on Chris Crocker, and George Bush on General Petraeus

Oh, no she didn't!

Oh, yes he did!

Chris Crocker, the ultimate Britney Spears fan, interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel about his wildly popular, "tearful" defense of the pop star's performance on MTV's VMA show.

Then who he did what?! Seth Green says we have to go "through" him.

Go through him?!

Yep! PS Leave Chris Crocker a LOAN! (We thinks she needs to buy annuda bra...)

And President George Dubya Bush is dead certain to cry: Leave General Petraeus Alone!

Maybe I'll make one of these videos that, thanks to Chris Crocker's Britney Spears obsession, have multiplied like school chirren. The title? I'll call it LEAVE YOUTUBE ALOOOONE!!


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Anonymous said...

LEAVE CHRIS CROCKER ALONE! (cornhole session)

the video...


LEAVE ME ALONE! (shitfaced version)

the video...

kweenkong said...

Thanks for the extras, anony. Gotta check both out!

Windy (fart) City said...
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