Model Naomi Campbell - Working On Labor Day

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has a killer, nude PR shot for an Italian fashion and tourism magazine

You may be lucky enough to have this Labor Day holiday off, but supermodel Naomi Campbell is working (it) today for sure. If you're a fan of the flawless but temperamental fashion runway diva extraordinaire, do not miss this stunning photo of Naomi. I just stumbled across it while doing some PR research for an Italian tourism client.

Unfortunately, I don't speak Italian, so cannot read what this Italian fashion and tourism website article says about Naomi. But her nude, high art photo there did give me a Borat moment, making me think, "Wow wa wee wah!" The photo's just too fierce and sexy -- and makes me want to forgo eating so much delicious Bar-b-que at the family's Labor Day cook-out!

Naomi's photo reminds me of a friend who moved to Milan years ago to pursue fashion design, and wound up dabbling in the Italian porn film industry. She eventually left Italy to continue pursuing art (with clothes on). Guess that's where fresh 'cheeks' like Miss Naomi's sort of came in.

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Now that is quality aged Chicago beef...

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