Oprah and Chicago BBQ For Obama

BBQ For Barack Obama events are happening throughout Chicago, and Oprah Winfrey takes her cook-out for the candidate to the far left, hosting hers for celebrites at her gorgeous Montecito, California home

Still not convinced that Senator Barack Obama can make a difference? Well, it seems he's making a crucial difference this weekend for those of us who could cry because the end of summer is so near. It's a mega BBQ Cook-out (sort of). Chicago media mogul Oprah Winfrey is throwing a celebrity fundraiser BBQ for Obama on September 8 at her California digs, and an impressive 60 Obama supporters here in the Windy City are doing the same, inviting the public. But at a more affordable ticket price, I'm sure.

So if you've been lamenting the idea of packing away your swimsuit, cargo pants, sunglasses, charred grill and ice cold beer post Labor Day, you really don't have to! Obama is a man with a plan to keep the season hot a while longer. What a progressive and engaging way to network and focus us on politics, but in a fun environment that'll bring happiness and relaxation.

Here's a link to find an Obama BBQ event in Chicago. If interested, it's best to contact the host ASAP: a few of the Chicago events are already filled to capacity and are now closed. If you live elsewhere, why not throw a Bar-B-Que anyway this weekend? What better way to hold on to the heat and fun it brings?

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Anonymous said...

This is a fun idea for a fund-raiser. Wish it was happening here in Atlanta, as I would definitely go to one of these events.

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