Kanye West and LeBron James on Saturday Night Live

Oh hell naw! Kanye West managed to upstage LeBron James on Saturday Night Live -- and Lebron was wonderful as guest host of the season's opening show.

But who can out-drama the original Chicago rap drama king? Only Kanye can upstage himself, as he proved over and over in this brilliant sketch with Maya Rudolph (aka daughter of Minnie Ripperton) and Keenan Thompson:

As awesome as Kanye was playing Kanye, he brilliantly further upstaged himself, freestyle rapping this true and telling rhyme at the end of his song, "Everything I Am":

Hey mama can u see me
Hey daddy can you see me
I'm rockin' on the TV
Y'all thought they'd never let me back in NBC

Ain't that the truth! You could pop some Cris to that powerful notion, a bold reference to his infamous comment about President Bush during NBC's Hurricane Katrina telethon.

How about that all women string section? Simply smokin', Mr. West!

And LeBron, LeBron, LeBron. Really, LeBron James plays more characters in the same spot than Eddie Murphy. Now that's talent, on and off the court.

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