Peter Gunn: The Show For Deep Mancini

I've got a habit of watching Peter Gunn in the middle of the night on a cool vintage TV station here in Chicago, METV. Anyway, I love the detective series, Peter Gunn. Having had a few film courses in college, I'm into its film noir style, which is the black and white genre the show's creator, Blake "Pink Panther" Edwards, made it in.

But, of course, what really makes Peter Gunn such an excellent 1950s TV series is its killer music by Henry Mancini. Everyone who's familiar with the show loves the legendary Peter Gunn theme song, but the rest of the music in each episode is bananas beyond belief. I mean it is too sexy and powerful and moody-cool.

I may wind up leaving some deep Mancini in the sidebar here for a while. Really, what better music could you hear when you arrive at the Original CyberLounge? So put on your Ray-Bans and rock it, baby!

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BillyWarhol said...

Claasic Tunes*


kweenkong said...

Yep, Billy. Mancini's work is out of this world.

Vanessa said...

Mancini? Oh, his work.

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