Oz Never Did Give Nothing to The Tin Man

Original Tin Man of Chicago, a popular street performerThe Original Tin Man
Tin Man of Chicago, a photography of Monsieur Metal in action street performerWho's a popping, locking amazing street performerDigital photography of Chicago street performer The Original Tin ManIn downtown Chicago is a TRIP!Weeee're OFF to see the Wizard. With the Tin Man leading the wayOf all his intriguing tricks and dance moves, the coolest was catching him walk into Walgreen's. With much-needed help for all his props.Chicago Tin Man is silver from head to toe... silver face, silver clothes, silver shoes, silver hands... silver OOPS!Warm it up, Tin Man. It MUST be summer in Chicago!

More digital photography of Chicago | http://flickr.com/photos/urbanislands

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The Chicago Tin Man said...

Thanks alot for the pic but there will be better pics and a new show at the "Taste of Chicago" this year come check me out.
"The Orignal Chicago Tin Man"


Viqi French said...

Hey Tin Man!!

You're the bomb-diggity. I will definitely check for you at the Taste. As a matter of fact, I'm online just about to post about the Taste -- the Chaka Khan concert in particular ... ;-)

We'll do more pics, k?!

Vanessa said...

You're back!!!!

Park Ranger Pete said...

That guys gotta have lead poisoning

Viqi French said...

Yes, Vanessa. I've somehow managed to pull my head out of my backside and update. ;-)

Viqi French said...

lol @ park ranger. probably.

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