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Jazz fusion legends Return to Forever at Chicago Theater, getting the Summer 2008 off to magnificent start.Wow: Return to Forever in concert in Chicago last Friday night (June 20, 2008). I thought I'd never see this impeccable progressive jazz quartet together again live. But there they were, on-stage at the faboulous Chicago Theater: the legendary Stanley Clark, Al DiMeola, Lenny White, and Chick Corea.

It was a huge night for Return to Forever fans... We're still pinching ourselves: RTF was HERE!!! Live. Every last one of them!

Four gifted musicians, each a jazz innovator, together they're masterful aural art. RTF are the original uncanny, long-lost lovers; they keep popping in and out of their fans' lives... They've flirted and teased fans for 25 years, which is the last time they put out an album together.

So RTF let us have it. We're all still smoking the post-coital cigarette...

For their legion of die-hard 1970s jazz fusion fans, everything's forever fresh and forever genius in Return to Forever land. For ever-ever!

Check out RTF in this vintage clip of Romantic Warrior, from their 1976 signature album.

We're all still applauding, still in a standing "O" in our hearts and minds. If you can, see them in New York at United Palace on August 8th. If I could, I'd fly to NYC just to experience Return to Forever again.

God continue to bless our beloved drummer Lenny White, lead guitarist Al DiMeola, keyboardist Chick Corea, and bassist Stanley Clark. You guys all look so hot and healthy, too!

Chicago Return to Forever Concert Photos / Backstage & On-stage - Return to Forever concert review

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