Taste of Chicago - Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Fantasia, Joss Stone

Here's a hearty shout out to the City of Chicago for creating an awesome 2008 Taste of Chicago concert lineup. Of course, the Taste of Chicago starts today, Friday, June 27, with a powerhouse soul concert starring the legendarily funky Chaka Khan and neo soul super nova Angie Stone.

A true South Side Star, Chaka Khan grew up here in Chicago and started her stunning musical career in the very neighborhood from whence I write: historic Hyde Park. Chaka attended high school with my good friend's mother. In fact, my friend's mom says she and Chaka were very close back in those days and were in a girl group together. But I think my friend's mom is a little... ummm displeased with how the girl she knew as Yvette Stevens bussed it to Hollywood without her. Oh well... I doubt that Mrs. W. will be hitting the Taste tonight to see her old pal. (The woman actually glares at me hatefully whenever I mention how big a fan of Chaka I am.)

On Saturday, June 28, the indescrible Stevie Wonder takes the stage... and probably won't leave... I've noticed over the years that Stevie runs things wherever he performs. He doesn't seem to care about union labor laws. He always surprises the stage workers and producers by launching one more song... and then another. But we love it, Stevie. He's probably one of the few artists that really has 99 more hits worth staying on and on and on to hear! His are encores that never cease.

And hey! Tuesday, July 1, that young British old soul diva Joss Stone takes the stage at the Taste of Chicago. I hope she kicks her shoes off and runs around barefoot at the Taste, as I've noticed her do in concert on TV. When Joss Stone does this, it's as if she's channeling Tina Marie and Janice Joplin all at once, with a hint of Patti LaBelle (sans shoes).

And then, be still my heart -- Fantasia Barino, the American Idol superstar and instant New Queen of Soul graces the Taste of Chicago. I must confess: Fantasia is the one and only American Idol contestant I've ever called in to vote for. I'll always wish I'd visited New York City to catch her starring in The Color Purple on Broadway. But hopefully when Fantasia does the Taste on Wednesday, July 3, she'll bless the audience with that riveting song from the play that always makes her (and everyone else) start crying:

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Anonymous said...

Too much screaming for my taste. But hey, if you like it, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Cool videos!

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