"Obama Girl" Times Two - Obama Children Video

I love this FROBAMA button supporting my Hyde Park Chicago neighbor, Senator Barack Obama

If you're new to the South Side Star, you may not know how proud I am that Senator Barack Obama and family live in my neighborhood, the historic Hyde Park community in Chicago.

So I was delighted to catch this enchanting TV interview yesterday starring "my neighbor's" absolutely adorable daughters...

Daddy had an afro
, indeed! lol I didn't even think children the generation of 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha knew what the heck an afro was!

Senator Barack Obama wore an afro as a very young man, but somehow had a 'Brady Bunch' aura

frobama button at CafePress

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Anonymous said...

i am thinking of buying a bunch of these frobama buttons. i would bury them under rocks. ;-)

jOolian said...

...And ANON, i'd dig'em up... cuz they rawwwwwwwwwk 8x !!!!!! (and they'd be free too... gaahhha hahhaaa)
i am so digg'n yer site mz southySide-of-dah-Star.... bodacious work and keep on Barack'n !!! ... julian

Dori said...

Their daughters are so beautiful. Thanks for posting that. And I love your blog.


Anonymous said...

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