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With presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama making a stop in Afghanistan the first in his whirlwind world tour, now seems a good time for us to a take closer look, too.

Since Osama bin Laden, the man who allegedly knocked down America's beloved Twin Towers (World Trade Center), is believed by many to still be holed up in Afghanistan's treacherously mountainous border with Pakistan, today we join Senator Obama in taking a closer look at this complex society.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, a recent "brazen and deadly attack on a US-Afghan outpost in an area near the Pakistani border is raising new concerns that foreign fighters bent on fighting the West are retraining their sights from Iraq to Afghanistan and Pakistan."

Still, it's not all about al Quaeda in Afghanistan [wiki]. It's nation that remains trapped between the ideology and opportunities of both east and west.

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For reports of Obama's trip to Afghanistan, follow these links:

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