From Vogue to Flickr, Black Models are Beautiful

Italian Vogue magazine's Black Model issue in July features Tocara in a trunk.

About once a month I talk to my highly-entertaining, fashion-guru friend, Cheryl, in Philadelphia. She's always got a hot link I need to look at. Today's link from Cheryl is awesome! It's the Italian Vogue - July issue, which is dedicated to fashion models of African descent. gives an excellent blow-by-blow photo essay of the stunning glamour photography and fashion shots. It's hot, sexy, edgy stuff, as only Italian fashion photography gives it.

Every top black model is spotlighted. From Alek Wek, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks to Iman, Liya Kebede and Lily Taylor -- you name her, she's in there. This includes Toccara, who's captured magnificently in a car trunk!

The only black models photography that's possibly hotter is that on Flickr, in the Second Life groups. My, those Second Life virtual girls do get exotic.

But so does photographer extraordinairre Steven Meisel [wiki], who shot most of the girls for Italian Vogue's "black girls" issue. The photo essay at does mention, however, that none of the advertisements surrounding the Meisel editorial feature black models.

Italian Vogue compiled this special, 100-page editorial in July as a "statement against discrimination in the fashion world." It's not news that plenty still exists, but it's kind of Vogue to acknowledged it in such an attention-grabbing way. Not much will likely change in the industry because it, but Italian Vogue has benefitted nicely from the controversy and publicity.

For a compelling perspective on the barriers faced by most black fashion models, don't miss this New York Times piece.

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Stephen Bess said...

Gotta love my sisters. They ae all just beautiful. Thanks for this article. Nice blog.

Viqi French said...

Glad you liked, Stephen. Stunning photos, aren't they?!

kpriss said...

That was one legendary issue, I must admit it! Too bad it didn't got too much reaction in the real life! The catwalk should've been overfilled with black girls :(

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