Nancy Pelosi - Throwing the Book at Her

Know Your Power - A Message to America's Daughters is the title of book by Nancy Pelosi.

I happened to catch a little of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on "The View" recently, promoting her book, “Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters.” I wasn't able to give the interview my full attention. Really, my interest started to wane fairly early in the chat, for some reason.

It took reading this New York Times article to realize why: The Why-Haven't-You-Impeached-the-President Tour.

Nancy Pelosi joins Senator Hillary Clinton on the heartbreak bandwagon. Just when they had real opportunities to take a stand -- to press for truth about how and why the U.S. landed in Iraq -- they folded. Lots of tough talk in the beginning. But when the rubber really hit the road, they stood down.

Neither powerful woman, of course, would risk going the way of former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Her leadership in posing tough questions to the Bush Administration about the September 11 attacks led Republicans to gang-up on her and oust her; they "cross-voted" as Democrats against her in an election.

Many Democrat leaders clammed up and let McKinney take the bullet, to put it mildly. McKinney is now running for U.S. president as the candidate on the Green Party ticket. She's also involved in a plethora of leadership activities, among them prison reform and hip-hop activism.

Dr. Condi Rice or Condoleeza Rice as dominatrix in fierce bootsSomehow I suspect that when the dust settles, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice will be the only political power puff still standing in a way:

  • She's the only of these prominent lady politians who has not ruffled any friendly feathers.

  • Like her or not, Dr. Rice has been consistent. We had no special expectations of her to challenge the status quo. Sadly, Madame Secretary has not disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

None of these women impress me. Definitely not Condi Rice.

Viqi French said...

i hear you, believe me. ;0

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