Obama: Biden His Time?

Excellent news: Senator Joe Biden of Delaware has been chosen as vice presidential running mate of Barack Obama.

Major news trackers suspect that Senator Barack Obama in the next hours will announce Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. Like the rest of Obama's supporters, I await his big veep announcement email (predicted to drop on Saturday morning), so I can only hope the rumors are true.

I've been a huge Joe Biden fan for many years. In fact, I hoped long ago -- well before he even ran unsuccessfully -- that Biden would run for president. In the absence of that, the possibility of his serving as Obama's vice president sounds like a winning strategy for national restoration. A restoration of faith in our government, the perception of caring, and more appropriate kinds of international involvement.

Joe Biden is one politically astute dude, and to be sure, he is about changing the status quo. I've known of his leadership since my days in college in Philadelphia, a city that borders parts of Delaware. But Biden really began to stand out as a man I respected when I watched his interviews on the old Imus In the Morning Show, before its controversial demise on MSNBC.

Joe Biden was a frequent guest on the Imus show. He could always be counted on not to mince words about his concerns and suspicions pertaining to goings-on in the White House, Iraq, and Afghanistan. When Biden had ill-feelings about how our troops and their families were being dealt with or Halliburton's favor, he spoke up. I don't know of a more stand-up politician in America today.

When Joe Biden was a contender for the presidential nomination that apparently is Obama's, there was too much made about a comment he made about Obama. Biden basically was saying What's not to love about Obama? He's (sic) articulate, clean and good-looking.

Oh, those were real fighting words!

If it's true that Senator Obama has chosen Senator Biden as his running mate, I feel more hopeful than ever that America will get back on a healthy track. Because with these two together, I foresee a lot of Good Cop, Bad Cop in our future. As far as I can tell, Biden is about the best attack dog in American politics and his foreign policy credentials probably are unrivaled.

Biden's extremely well-informed and knows where the bones are buried. If any high crimes have been committed, it may well all come out if Joe Biden's given half a chance. Let us hope he doesn't go Pelosi on us.

Way to go, Joe. I hope major congratulations are in order for you. Hey, you're articulate, clean, and good-looking, too!


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Vanessa said...

Your comments are on point. Biden is the best choice Obama could have made. I'm feeling great about the Obama-Biden ticket.

Viqi French said...

Absolutely! Biden was the smartest choice. So many others ruled themselves out; others just didn't make sense.

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