Sarah Palin Photos - Madame Veep Bringing Sexy Back

Condoleeza Rice may have been the hottest Republican woman... until now

Aspiring Madame Vice President Sarah Palin bringing sexy back
News Flash: And we naively thought none of the Republican women could out "hot" Condoleeza Rice wearing those killer dominatrix boots. But we didn't know of sexy Sarah Palin, shown here in death-defying stiletto heels, short black leather mini skirt, and a revealing silk blouse unbuttoned down to there. Blue blouse, blue states, and a woman to be watched by a newly blue Cindy McCain.

Bristol Palin, daughter of aspiring vice president Sarah Palin, is dressed to kill It doesn't appear that Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, has taken fashion cues from her vice hot mommie, though. Bristol isn't dressed for love, just war. Here, she just doesn't seem to be the same demure mother-to-be seen at the Republican Convention.

According to Wired:

Sarah Palin looks hot in this bikini. But toting such a big gun, it's a good thing she's smilingOf course, since relatively few of the electorate knew who Sarah Palin was before last Friday, it makes sense that the top search term for Palin was simply the vice presidential candidate's name. But ... other popular searches for Sarah Palin are with keywords: "hot photos," "Sarah Palin Bikini Photos," "Sarah Palin Nude," and "Sarah Palin Naked."

It's a good thing that women now have the right to vote. Otherwise, men would vote Sarah Palin, star of the "hot photo," right into the Oval Office - stilettos and all... just in time to engineer more of the lucrative oil partnership deals she's known to strike, which according to the New York Times, are cleverly disguised as oil company tax increases.


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Anonymous said...

oh, im sorry, i didnt realize women couldnt be sexy and intelligent at the same time...good think you cleared things up!

Anonymous said...

The photos of Sarah Palin are fake.

She is a class act, unlike those that are trying to run a smear campaign against her.

See link below:

Vote The Issues, Not The Gender! said...

Yep. Some of your photos are fakes. Bikini, stilettos. Pretty good Photoshopping though.

Here is a news blog that is a compilation of fresh news stories and YouTube videos:

There is a lot of information about Sarah Palin that needs to come to light, although it is becoming apparent that there are going to be a large percentage of people who will just ignore the facts, in favor of perception.

A vote for Sarah Palin is a vote for the return of the Dark Ages and 100 years of war.

Xiretsa said...
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Xiretsa said...
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Anonymous said...

okay so the pic was redone via photo shop on's a good one- she looks, Palin in boots please-over the knee-thigh high NO laces....

hey,she ain't too bad for a Gov'nor....

Chus said...

Sarah 'Paylin' makes a porno

Xiretsa said...
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Xiretsa said...

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin Sex Tape

Is this her

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I always said that Sarah Palin is too sexy and attractive!

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