Annie Get Your Gun - The Sarah Palin Remix

On the heels of gun-toting Dick Cheney hopes to come Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the hot new Annie Oakley coming to a town near YOU

Following the Sarah Palin - Joe Biden debate, I wrote a commentary voicing my suspicion that Governor Palin, a Pentecostal, seemed in some sort of rambling, Stepford Wife trance the first half of the debate. Really, if you look a little into hypnosis, you'll discover there are numerous types of trances, so it is quite possible. So much of our everyday lives can be affected by a hypnotic state. They manifest as "highway hypnosis," not being able to get an advertising jingle out of your head, an inability to quit smoking, feeling lifted while dancing, and other common events.

Well, two top New York Times columnists -- Frank Rich and Gail Collins -- also wrote about Sarah Palin's peculiar ramblings during the debate. They don't go as far as I have in wondering if she was in some sort of trance, but their way with summarizing her warbly words is wholly entertaining.

Talking In Points by Gail Collins had me laughing out loud. This Palin debate quote Collins cites is absolutely priceless:

She appeared to agree with Dick Cheney’s manic theory that the vice president is a member of both the executive and legislative branches, although it’s hard to tell since she began her answer this way: “Well, our founding fathers were very wise there in allowing through the Constitution much flexibility there in the office of the vice president. And we will do what is best for the American people in tapping into that position and ushering in an agenda that is supportive and cooperative with the president’s agenda in that position.”

Say whuuut?! Not only does Palin envision becoming the new gangsta, gun-toting Dick in a dress, working her own separate agenda, she can barely put two sentences together to say it.

Frank Rich, in Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain, takes a bite out of the surreal Republican scene this way:

The standard take has it that she’s either speaking utter ignorant gibberish (as to Couric) or reciting highly polished, campaign-written sound bites that she’s memorized (as at the convention and the debate). But there’s a steady unnerving undertone to Palin’s utterances, a consistent message of hubristic self-confidence and hyper-ambition. She wants to be president, she thinks she can be president, she thinks she will be president. And perhaps soon. She often sounds like someone who sees herself as half-a-heartbeat away from the presidency.

If Mr. Rich's observation is correct about Palin all but feeling the Oval Office leather warming her hot sexy Sarah Palin photos in stilettos buns (per the Google searches that are driving tons of traffic to this post, tell Katie bar the door and Annie get your gun. This new sheriff coming to town is utterly out of this world.

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