Foreclosure Crisis: Chicago Stands Back From 'Katrina' Sans Water

Want an example of true leadership with a conscious? I'm proud to say that you (and your city's decision-makers) should look right at Chicago and the surprising cease of foreclosures our county sheriff took today.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart deserves applause for deciding enough is enough in Chicago's foreclosure mess. Dart took a stand for "Joe Sixpack," halting his team from executing what I understand are ALL foreclosures in Chicagoland's Cook County.

The problem? Tom Dart's sheriffs were running into far too many ugly situations when showing up to evict innocent renters. People who'd paid their monthly rent -- but had not been told by the building owners they needed to start packing -- were being tossed on the streets. Countless decent, hard-working and totally unaware people -- and even elderly, seriously ill renters -- were shockingly being forced from their homes... out of the blue... when they'd paid their landlords every dime owed.

Thus, Sheriff Dart made an unprecedented decision: (Almost) all evictions are over for now. At least until the mortage-holding banks provide the Sheriff's Department affidavids proving that everyone affected by a building's foreclosure has been duly notified.

People won't be caught off guard now; they'll receive a proper grace period in which to make other living arrangements.

I'm sure that Tom Dart's heart went out to the sea of people who may have come home from work and found their every belonging sitting on the sidewalk. Already picked over by two-legged leeches, no doubt.

Of course, there's also the unspoken probability that Dart saw something of an uprising starting to occur among his foot soldier deputies... It's my guess he couldn't keep putting his deputy sheriffs on the firing line, trying to enforce 11th-hour evictions among the innocent... Removing the wrong people's belongings "out of nowhere" can lead to confrontations with deadly consequences, for sure.

So open your eyes. There's a nationwide version of Hurricane Katrina going on, just without the water.

Please speak up and out. As quiet as it may be kept, this exodus of the angry is likely happening in your neighborhood, too.

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