Sarah Palin Debate: Out of Body, Out of Nowhere

I applaud Sarah Palin for "showing up and showing out" in her big debate with Joe Biden. Leading up to the vice presidential debate, I wondered if there could be a surreal moment when Sarah Palin shockingly exited the stage early, stage left -- fed up with this challenge.

Luckily, that didn't happen. But there was plenty more going on with Sarah Palin on that stage that has my head spinning post-debate.

I am hard-pressed to recall any politian who so assaulted my senses. For me, it was a problem of body language and nervous ticks. Now, I'm no expert on body language, but here's a recap of my Sarah Palin experience during the debate...

Warning, I'm about to pick a bunch of nits here. If you love Sarah Palin, reading this will tick you the heck off, doggnit.

-- Palin casually greeting Biden with "Hey, can I call you 'Joe'" was cute. But little did I know that casual tone would punctuate the entire debate. Now doggonit. Darn right. You betcha. Similarly, whole letters were missin' from the end of many of her words. After eight years of George Bush "mispronunciating" words, must we now brace ourselves to hear the "g" being clipped off so many of 'em? I mean, how low on the verbal chain can the office of POTUS go?

-- Political pundits are fascinated by the number of times Joe Biden said John McCain versus Palin's less frequent mentions of Obama. I, however, am more intrigued with the number of times Palin said the word also... and also... but also... Was this just a nervous tick, how she was coached to bridge subjects, or a sign of something else? Go count 'em... you decide.

-- Now onto more serious matters. A media pundit last night was quick to credit Palin for not looking like a "moose in the headlights." Well, perhaps I was the only person who picked up on something eerily similar. Most of the time when Governor Palin spoke, it felt like I was watching a Stepford Wife talk: She seemed hypnotized... the entire first half of the debate. Staring (almost) straight into the camera and just this side of rambling, as if in a trance. Reading a mile a minute from a Teleprompter located inside her forehead.

-- Thus, I must confess: I believe Governor Palin was having some type of out-of-body experience. To be clear, I am not mocking this possibility. Truth is, the human mind is an awesome thing; it's designed for survival, by whatever means necessary. You see, for my money, that possible out-of-body experience later was somewhat confirmed...

-- Near the end of the debate, Governor Palin squeezed her eyes peculiarly hard when she said the word blessed. Palin is Pentecostal after all, and Pentecostals are proud of speaking in tongues. So who knows? Maybe someone really did take the wheel to get her through the most intense 90 minutes of her life. The way Palin shut her eyes on blessed seemed deeply prayerful. Like maybe she was thanking Him. Or Her. For amazingly getting her through this.

I haven't addressed other observations -- and I have many. But suffice it to say that I appeciated this about Sarah Palin: She outright acknowledged the questions she wouldn't be answering. Because she couldn't answer them.

It would have been far worse had she tried (again, as with Katie Couric) to bluff her way through stuff she clearly hadn't been rehearsed on. That would have been insulting, as if the American public is too dumb to see she didn't have a clue. So, Palin demonstrated integrity in showing that not even God could whisper the answer to what would warrant pulling the nuclear trigger.

Oh wait, Palin did actually try to answer that one...

Likewise, Palin's former pastor, Tim McGraw, and a fellow parishioner, told CNN this:

Like many Pentecostal churches, some members speak in tongues, although he says he's never seen Palin do so. Church member Caroline Spangler told CNN, "When the spirit comes on you, you utter things that nobody else can understand ... only God can understand what is coming out of our mouths."

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BillyWarhol said...

well that Helps expalin what these Religious Idiots like Palin are saying + god forbid Thinking!!


Good Riddance Bush + McANUS + Brainwashed Flock*********

Viqi French said...

hey billy!
yep - pure gibberish, and people eat it up. scary...

Anonymous said...

the woman is a nut job, and anybody who would vote for her will help set this country back 25 years. we cannot afford to waste more time with people like this in office.

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