Saying Grace (Jones, That Is)

Troubled world economy aside, if you've ever said a little prayer for a return to the funkier side of life, get this: Grace Jones is the cover girl for the new issue of Dazed & Confused. That's right. Strange' is baaaack and in living color.

We'll be able to revel in devilish Grace's latest art photography -- or nudish glamour photography, really -- in the British magazine's November 2008 issue (out October 9). A true Renaissance woman, the art, film, music and fashion icon is photographed by Chris Cunningham. You may know him as the auteur behind Madonna, Madonna's "Frozen" video...

Yes, I typed Madonna twice, referencing a favorite Robin Williams line in "The Bird Cage."

In any case, great to see Grace in the limelight. Just check out this video of Grace Jones performing in full regalia with the late Luciano Pavoratti:

For more, check these Grace Jones links, including her own absolutely stunning website:

~ The World of Grace Jones (The living legend's own impeccable web site)

~ Grace Jones Performs at Meltdown (BBC report, June 2008)

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DominoEffecx said...

Had to come back to say, you're right. Grace's web site is fantastic. The artiest and best executed web site I think I've ever seen. Good post!

Viqi French said...

glad you like the recommendation, domino! grace's site is my all-time favorite. when i read it, i was completely immersed in her life and world. she's truly one-of-a-kind, the BEST kind.

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