Jimmy Kimmel Video - Where Is Sarah Palin Now?

The new American Idol, sexy Sarah Palin as shown in a Jimmy Kimmel video parodying her Where Are They Now? style
Good thing I had nothing in my mouth. Because I laughed out loud when I saw this on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. It's from Kimmel's hilarious video send-up giving Sarah Palin the "Where Are They Now" treatment. I'm blogging it for all to enjoy, but mostly for the hundreds who come here every day searching for my hot, sexy Sarah Palin photos in boots and blouses post.

Some of us may not realize it, but Sarah Palin is a MILF extraordinairre. (MILF meaning Mothers I'd Like to F***.) The high number of people (men!) who land here via Google and Yahoo! searches for sexy Sarah photos reveals just how powerful Palin's sexual allure. How much did this figure in John McCain choosing her as running mate? Why else would the man pick a person as his veep who doesn't know that Africa is a continent?

Anyway, here's the Jimmy Kimmel video...

via The Insider

Of course, if you don't find Sarah Palin laughable -- I mean a laughing matter -- and will never again watch Saturday Night Live or Tina Fey, maybe you'll appreciate this New York Times story. Republican campaign insiders have imploded post-election, and their wrath seems aimed at outing the sexy would-be Madame Vice President as opportunistic diva and ditz.

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