Michael Crichton, Prolific Writer-Filmmaker, Dies

Many are saddened by the news that one of the writing world's tallest blades, Michael Crichton, died today of cancer. Crichton, 66, authored numerous fiction best-sellers, many of which became blockbuster movies. Who didn't see and love his work in films such as Jurassic Park, Congo, Disclosure, and Twister?

The Huffington Post write-up about Crichton's death includes these quotes from film director Steven Spielberg and Crichton's "ER" partner, executive producer John Wells:

..."Michael's talent out-scaled even his own dinosaurs of `Jurassic Park,'" said "Jurassic Park" director Steven Spielberg, a friend of Crighton's for 40 years. "He was the greatest at blending science with big theatrical concepts, which is what gave credibility to dinosaurs again walking the Earth. ... Michael was a gentle soul who reserved his flamboyant side for his novels. There is no one in the wings that will ever take his place."

John Wells, executive producer of "ER" called the author "an extraordinary man. Brilliant, funny, erudite, gracious, exceptionally inquisitive and always thoughtful. "No lunch with Michael lasted less than three hours and no subject was too prosaic or obscure to attract his interest. Sexual politics, medical and scientific ethics, anthropology, archaeology, economics, astronomy, astrology, quantum physics, and molecular biology were all regular topics of conversation."

Dr. Michael Crichton was born here in Chicago, was educated at Harvard College. He taught anthropology at Cambridge University and writing at MIT. His first bestseller, Andromeda Strain, won acclaim while he was still in college.

Condolences to the Crichton family. Fan around the world share the family's grief, but forever will delight in his provocative imagination. It's not for nothing this prolific literary giant stood 6 feet 9 inches tall.

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Geraldly Heraldly said...

I can't believe Crichton is gone. He made a huge mark in American literature and film culture. I learned a lot from his work.

Viqi French said...

Yes, geraldly. No one write so engagingly in the sci genre. He really brought the common person into his techy world.

davE said...

My favorite Crighton moment is in Jurassic Park, where Jeff Goldblum has the diatribe that says, "Nature finds a way." So true.

Viqi French said...

Yep @ Dave - That's one of my favorite Jurassic moments, too! Goldblum was the bomb.

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