Obama, Hillary, McCain, Palin - Where Are They Now?

Where are all the candidates now? Well, you'll find President-elect Barack Obama addressing the nation on a YouTube video, which I link you to watch here at his transition site,, instead.

But first, this funny Obama video message from an Obama-alike comedian to watch...

[Video - Obama spoof to T.I.'s "Whatever You Like"]

And what ever happened to Hillary Clinton? It's widely known that Senator Hillary Clinton was here in Chicago on Thursday, meeting with President-elect Barack Obama. Discussing, it is said, the possibility of Clinton serving as secretary of state. Don't miss opinion about all of the hillary hillary hillary hillary hillary talk, as New York Times political humor columnist Gail Collins so aptly writes.

Not to be left out of the loop, Senator John McCain is scheduled to hit Chicago this week to meet with Barack Obama. I don't suppose he, too, is up for a job with That One. Although he might qualify. I can't imagine Mr. McCain's got embarrassing pics to any MySpace friends floating out here. Why, he doesn't even use email.

Last but not least: the hot, sexy mini-skirt in photos wearing Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. The best-loved vice-presidential running mate ever known to men -- I mean man -- has turned all Tina Fey on us. Suddenly, we can count on Palin to be on television, in interviews. According to, Sarah Palin may be eyeing the Alaska senate seat of convicted Ted Stevens, if his peers vote for him to vacate it.

So there. Sarah Palin may be doin' some pallin' around of her own. Perhaps loadin' up the truck and movin' to Washington after all.
[Sarah Palin video spoof]

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Black 365 said...

LMAO I'm digging the Spoofs!!

Viqi French said...

@ Black365 - yep, aren't these just 2 much?!

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