Oprah Show and Henry Louis Gates Celebrate Obama

President Barack Obama was celebrated on the Oprah Show

Distinguished Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was among the guests on today's Oprah Show, a post-election focus on the Obama win. During the interview, Oprah pointed out an essay Dr. Gates has posted at The Root.

The piece, titled "In Our Lifetime," gives poignant African American perspective on the ascension of a man named Barack Hussein Obama to the White House. A quote:

...What would Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman say? What would Dr. King himself say? Would they say that all those lost hours of brutalizing toil and labor leading to spent, half-fulfilled lives, all those humiliations that our ancestors had to suffer through each and every day, all those slights and rebuffs and recriminations, all those rapes and murders, lynchings and assassinations, all those Jim Crow laws and protest marches, those snarling dogs and bone-breaking water hoses, all of those beatings and all of those killings, all of those black collective dreams deferred—that the unbearable pain of all of those tragedies had, in the end, been assuaged at least somewhat through Barack Obama's election? This certainly doesn't wipe that bloody slate clean...
Yes, we've come far -- shockingly far, thanks to a gifted black man who is Obama. But we still have a long way to go... much work to do. Here's the latest evidence that the struggle continues...

The Secret Service arrested a man with an assault rifle yesterday in the Chicago suburb called Rosemont. He apparently had deadly designs on president-elect Obama. The man was found in his car with his laptop turned on; he was on a YouTube video about the fear of African American rioting if Obama won.

We should be so proud of the Chicago youth. To my knowledge, there wasn't a single crime incident at the Obama victory celebration in Grant Park. The audacity of hope, indeed.

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B.B. Whinin' said...

I saw the rebroadcast of this Oprah Show. Very good. Gloria Steinem, Cong. John Lewis and Peggy Noonan also contributed excellent perspectives and thought about the Obama win. (YAY!!)

Vanessa said...

I missed this episod eof Oprah but perhaps I can catch rerun or on YouTube. Dr. Gates' words are poignant, indeed.

The real work that needs to be done starts now.

Viqi French said...

Yes, that was a pretty good Oprah. The guests really made it.

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