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Barack Obama joins every living American president in photograph at White House power lunch @ New York Times
At his last official press conference yesterday, a defensive President George Bush said that people had misunderestimated him. Deconstruct that statement and you might agree: Bush has never uttered a righter word.

For better or worse, America is forever married to the Bush mob's footprint. As his legacy, President Bush leaves America a lot wiser about who we as a nation aspire to be, and how vigilant we must remain about the integrity of America's promise. We should thank him for revealing to us the following, all of which somehow will make us better:

~ AIDS Burnishes Bush Legacy in Africa (Claire Null @ Associated Press)

~ Eight Years of Madeoff (Frank Rich @ New York Times)

~ Bush Would Leave Legacy He Never Imagined (NewsDay)

Video - George Bush Bloopers:

Video - Real War Images / Iraq and Afghanistan:

Video - Barack Obama The Empire Strikes Barack:

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Anonymous said...

Bush is misunderstood alright. Unfortunately, it was this misunderstanding that got him elected and us 8 years of hell. He is so deluded. There isnt enough history, thanks to the election of Obama, that can erase Bush's horrible legacy. It will forever be remember as the trigger of the call for change.

Viqi French said...

So true. What has me in awe is that Bush has used this non-word a second time: misunderestimated.

So going with the word he made up, I have to say he is definitely correct. We not only underestimated the damage that Bush could do, we GROSSLY understimated how bad he could make things... and then act like all is pretty cool 'round here!

Anonymous said...

Eight years too many is all I can say. We as American people must have been sleep-walking to put Bush in office twice.

Vanessa said...

BUSh's legacy will not be positive no matter how and his cronies try to spin it. Unfortunately, far too many Americans should not criticize him. Why? Because they voted for him. They put him in office for not one term but two.

Look at the condition our country is in now. He will be remembered for the almost economic collapse, war, WMD and not being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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