President Barack Obama - A Grand Day In History

America's new First family includes President Barack Obama; Michelle Obama wearing a gold ensemble by fashion designer Isabel Toledo; and Obama daughters Malia and Sasha, both wearing J. Crew
President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, two Chicago residents who've ascended to the White House
"At last," as Beyonce sang at the Neighborhood Ball. The Obamas are in there! President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha were a beautiful sight to behold at the swearing-in ceremony. What a handsome family, and so well-clad. The only sight rivaling their shimmering aura was the throngs of supporters -- the millions from around the country and world -- who descended on Washington for Obama's auspicious occasion.

So many memorable highlights today. Among them:

~ My thinking that Obama had flubbed that line while taking oath, only to learn that he'd been quite on point. It was Chief Justice John Roberts who was in err, giving Obama the line wrong.

~ George Bush emerging from the Capitol Building wearing an expression of controlled fear. Eyes suspciously jutting left and right as if on shoe-toss alert. "I gave it my all," an emotional former President Bush told the Midland, Texas, crowd that welcomed him back home today.

~ Michelle Obama wearing a stunning gold ensemble by former Anne Klein creative chief Isabel Toledo. Robin Givhan has dubbed Michelle Obama the First Lady of Style. (I would add "and Killer Eyelashes.")

~ Senator Ted Kennedy taking ill during the Congressional luncheon, lapsing into what's been reported as a "violent seizure." President Obama was among the first to rush to Kennedy's side, said CNN reporter Dana Bash. The revered senator was rushed to Washington Hospital and is said to be doing better now, thankfully.

~ A bevy of Hollywood and music industry stars in attendance and/or participating all day and into the night, from Steven Spielberg, Denzel Washington and Aretha Franklin to Sean "Diddy" Combs, Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce.

The Obamas enjoy their first official dance at the Neighborhood Ball, while Beyonce sang At Last from the movie Cadillac Records, a song made popular by Etta James. Mr. President wore Versace, the First Lady wore a white Narcisco Rodriguez ball gown
If this was our nation's wedding day to hope for the future with Obama, tomorrow begins what hopefully will be a nice, long honeymoon. Only time will tell.

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